With disappointed earnings from major tech companies and obvious concerns about valuations, investors, it seems, are starting to doubt the incessant bull run we experienced across assets — and the advertised economic recovery.

Yesterday, the S&P and the Nasdaq both fell 2.5%. The dollar bounced amid the sell-off. This morning, in Asia, S&P e-mini futures continued the move down while the VIX (volatility index) jumped the most since June of last year (surprisingly).

In the past few months, crypto markets moved at a pace of their own but, in the last session, the bearishness permeated — at least momentarily.


It might be because we’ve just passed 100 million coronavirus cases globally, or maybe because of the hurdles the current US administration is facing in regards to a stimulus plan, but markets felt slightly bearish across the board.

Equities in Asia, Europe, and America edged lower. Treasuries inched down. The dollar retraced previous gains. Gold dropped a few basis points.

Crypto markets performed relatively better, but really are only stagnating. BTC is closing the session up just 1%. LINK, DOT, ADA, LTC, XTZ, BCH, and DASH are all essentially closing flat. …

US-China relations seem to be hitting a low point as President Biden confirms his administration will hold a tough line on Beijing. On another negative note, we are approaching 100 million Coronavirus cases globally and many countries are still in full lockdown.

However, equities have not been affected, and rose today. The S&P and Nasdaq are also up. Treasuries were bought as well, but the dollar and gold stayed put.

In the crypto space, after BTC stayed in range for several days, bulls attempted to break through but, for now, failed. …

Last Friday, traditional markets ended the week on a mixed note, with the S&P down, the Nasdaq up, Treasuries and yield more or less flat, the dollar timidly moving up, and gold retracing sharply.

In the crypto space, while BTC’s moves were more pronounced, the picture looks unclear as well.

On Friday and in the midst of silly yet impactful ‘double-spend’ rumors, prices continued the previous session’s drop and touched $28,850 — below the important 30K mark. Prices quickly recouped though, and oscillated between $33,350 and $31,000 over the weekend.

BTC is currently ending the day at around…

We’re the 21st in Asia but, in the US, they’re just finishing an important day where President Biden is sworn in and officially replaces Trump in the White House. Markets felt undeniably risk-on.

The S&P rose 1.4% and the Nasdaq jumped 2%. Treasuries, yields and the dollar stayed in place but it was great to see gold, up about 1.7%, back just under $1,900.

In crypto, the bullishness just isn’t there. …

Markets reopened in the US and now feel somewhat risk-on. Yesterday the S&P jumped almost 1% while treasuries and gold remained muted. The dollar index fell sharply. Early in Asia, futures are edging higher in Japan and Australia, but seem to be leaning towards a dip in Hong Kong.

In crypto, the focus is on ETH. With the CME listing ETH futures soon (early Feb) but with the previous underperformance relative to BTC, it seems that traders are now cycling some of their BTC gains to ETH — with the hope that the second largest market cap coin will outgrow…

Muted volumes and muted trading during MLK day (meaning equities, bonds and OTC markets are closed in the US).

Crypto markets are opened, though, but moves are also muted for a different reason. BTC prices seem to be narrowing into a -bullish?- pennant with a mid-line at about $36,000.

From the all-time high, tops have been gradually lower; then from the $30,500, lows have been gradually higher. Naturally, this type of formation leads to an explosive move once prices break-out, the question is whether it’ll be up… or down.

During this BTC stagnation, one could’ve expected alt traders to delight…

It will be an interesting week for Asia trading as most look at economic data coming out of China in the coming days. Last Friday, global indexes fell by about 1% across the board; this morning, futures look set to follow.

Looking at crypto, the weekend was naturally more eventful -it was open for trading, for one. Prices kept on falling throughout Friday, Saturday and even Sunday. The latter saw an end-of-session bounce which seemingly saved us.

As prices retested lows of $33,800, many were looking at the 30K mark (or even sub-30K level) as the stop; prices, on the…

While US politicians continue with impeachment proceedings, on the economic front, Powell assures investors that now is not the time to think about reversing the easing measures that are in place. On a shorter term basis, markets were spooked by yet another jump in jobless claims.

The S&P fell about half a percent. Treasuries, yields, the dollar and gold remained unchanged as markets digest the information pouring in.

As it’s been for a while, BTC is marching in a world of its own. …

In traditional markets, we see a simple continuation of the previous session’s dynamics. The S&P rose slightly after some intraday swings. Investors bought some more treasuries, pushing the 10-year yield down, but still above 1%. Gold is stagnating at $1,850.

BTC has been more dynamic and bullish. After four down sessions and a pullback that took us more than 25% below the all-time high, BTC bounced back. The day is closing 10% up, at $37,500.

While ETH, LTC, XMR, and ADA are up just 7%, other alts are riding the risk-on tilt and outperforming BTC. I’m thinking of LINK, which…

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